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The Nigerian Thoracic Society was established in 1980 with several members drawn from all professional working-spheres in respiratory medicine and respiratory health.

Members include respiratory physicians, respiratory nurses, clinical scientist, physiotherapist, and cardiothoracic surgeons.

The Benefits of Becoming a Member of the NTS

Our annual general meetings and scientific conference bring together respiratory health care professional from Nigeria. A wide range of topics are covered in the symposia.

Abstracts, poster presentation, and oral communications also feature showcasing some of the best respiratory science.

Membership of the society brings entitlement to discounted fees to attend the NTS meetings.

Categories of Membership

Full Membership

Applicants for full membership shall be qualified clinicians who have postgraduate qualifications in thoracic medicine and surgery and related specialties and who are actively engaged in their specialty in Nigeria.

Associate Membership

Associate members shall include general practitioners and other professions allied to thoracic medicine and surgery but who do not qualify to be full members. E.g. Physiotherapist, Nursing, Residents in training.

Associate members shall have the privilege of attending scientific meeting and the AGM but will not be entitled to vote or hold office.

Honorary Membership

Honorary members shall be awarded to clinicians and non-clinicians who have contributed significantly to the advancement of thoracic medicine and surgery in Nigeria, allied to thoracic medicine and surgery but who do not qualify to be full members. E.g. Physiotherapist, Nursing, Residents in training.

Any member of the society may nominate any distinguished person for honorary membership. The nominating member shall submit a citation of such person to the executive council.

If the executive council is satisfied that a prima facial case has been made, it shall be recommended to the society for the award of honorary membership to such candidate.

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership may be granted to an individual, proprietorship, partnership, association, corporate body, trustee, executor, administrator or legal representative not eligible for membership in other membership categories but who promote thoracic medicine by either:

  • Employing registered respiratory physicians for the purpose of providing respiratory care or sales or
  • Promoting thoracic or respiratory health and awareness through non-profit organizations or
  • By representing a medical or pharmaceutical company

The executive councils must approve the application for corporate membership and the applicable annual dues must be paid


Donors are individuals or legal entities having demonstrated their support for the activities of the society by a grant or donation. Donors do not pay dues and may not participate in the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The society undertakes to keep them informed of the actions and it carries it out.

All members of the society except associate donors and honorary members shall pay the annual dues and levies prescribed by the society. Only full members shall have voting rights and hold